Our Mission:


A more equitable and inclusive world is possible through education. Equality for HER provides free resources on a variety of issues including interpersonal violence, gender diversity, representation in media, and more. 

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Our Programs

At Equality for HER, we have four key programs that enable us to deliver on our mission of providing educational resources about issues affecting women and gender nonbinary individuals. Participate in our Summer Internship, access our Resource Hub, attend our Event Series, and explore our Visual Campaigns.


Equality for HER Summer Internship

Our eight week remote internship provide participants with personalized course material. All participants receive access to the exclusive Equality for HER webinars from a variety of experts and influencers. Key course material includes trainings and workshops on Inclusive Language, Networking, and Personal Branding.

Events & Seminars

Throughout the year, Equality for HER organizes meet-ups, panel discussions, workshops, and webinars based on the materials available in the Equality for HER Resource Hub. 

Equality for HER Resource Hub

Developed by Executive Director, Blair Imani and Director of Partnerships and Research, Lori Rodriguez our Resource Hub is host to original content like lesson plans, activity sheets, and presentations on many subjects. Each toolkit is accompanied by artwork from our Creative Director, Jenn Solo.