Equality for HER Internship Application: Summer 2018

A message from our founder:

Hey there!

Welcome to the Equality for HER Summer 2018 internship application. We encourage you to fill out this form by May 30, 2018 for the chance at one of 12 spots in the 2nd annual Equality for HER internship series.

Our internship 100% remote and led by Equality for HER executive director, Blair Imani, and Internship Coordinator and former Equality for HER intern, Kiara C. Fair. As an Equality for HER intern from June 17 to August 17 you will learn about personal branding, social justice, resume creation, networking, and more.

On behalf of the entire Equality for HER team and board of directors, I applaud you for taking the initiative to apply for this opportunity and we look forward to reviewing your application.


Blair Imani
Founder & Executive Director, Equality for HER

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