Do You Believe in Equality for HER?

Equality for HER and Bonfire have teamed up to raise money for our unique platform.

Get a limited edition shirt available March 14 - March 31.

Do You Believe in Equality for HER?

Show the world you believe in the rights of feminine identifying people and women around the world. Show the world you value our voices and lived experiences by purchasing this shirt and making a donation to our platform. 

Who We Are

Equality for HER is a nonprofit media outlet dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and breaking down barriers.

Society constantly tells us to discard parts of who we are in order to belong. At Equality for HER, we have developed a space where inclusion and diversity are core values and have created a platform that honors the voices and lived experiences of all people. 

We need your help to grow and sustain our platform. We need you to believe in us and believe in our mission.