Mrembo Safi

Nairobi, Kenya

Mrembo Safi is a practising writer and visual artist presently based at the Kuona Trust Centre for the Visual Arts in Nairobi, Kenya. An avid advocate of reproductive health and Nubian women’s art, her present media of preference include: digital art (photography & visual FX), writing non-fiction literature, menstrala art. Her motif is themed around menstrual health rights.

Kaila Philo

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Kaila Philo is a writer based in Baltimore, where she studies English literature and works in marketing. She has been published in Mask Magazine, ARTS.BLACK, and The Millions, among others. Philo hopes to avoid being a starving artist and to flourish as a novelist and intellectual.

Dev Springer

Altanta, Georgia, USA

Dev Springer is an activist, artist, educator, and poet using all of his talents to magnify and destigmatize the hushed topics in our society. He describes himself as a photographer, journalist, and published author focusing on the beauty of struggle. Experience Dev's revolutionary voice on Twitter by following him @HalfAtlanta and witness his prowess for visual art by visiting his website Urban Soul Atlanta.

Anna Gragert


When Anna Gragert isn't trying to create a groundbreaking bio for herself, she's working as an associate editor at HelloGiggles. She has also collaborated with creative outlets such as Catapult, CheapPOP, My Modern Met, The Mary Sue, This. Magazine, and more. A color psychic once told her that her aura is indigo.