The Hope & The Work

Lately, we’re constantly questioning and challenging gender in very public ways, from the no less misogynoirist Young Thug and well-intentioned but space-consuming Jaden Smith to the homey around the way who refuses your boxes and labels without any fanfare. 

Social Justice 101: Allyship

Be ready to take criticism, hear folks out, and adjust behaviors that are not having intended or positive impacts. Accept that the title of ‘ally’ is not a self-assigned label, but one that will be offered when you are fully and wholeheartedly engaged in solidarity work for collective liberation.

Pumpkin Spice Feminism

Pumpkin Spice Feminists view Hillary Clinton as the shero who shattered the metaphoric glass ceiling keeping women away from the position of commander in chief, while ignoring the ways women of color like Shirley Chisholm cracked and chipped away at that many ceiling years before. In closing, during this season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Pumpkin Spice Feminism, our hope is that while you enjoy your appropriated products and movements, you consider their origins and you honor the contributions of those who are erased. 

Explaining the ‘Splaining

A ‘splain is when someone in a position of power or privilege uses that privilege to silence someone from a marginalized group in discussions about their experiences as members of an oppressed group. People from marginalized groups cannot ‘splain to folks from privileged groups.

The Exploitation of Black Art and Labor

My personal experience is just a small example of Black artists and creators being expected to labor for free, accept less pay, or receive no credit for innovations. This country was built on the backs of Black slaves and the further exploitation of Black labor. Not much has changed since the dissolution of legal slavery and Jim Crow. Our labor, in addition to our culture (music, food, art, vernacular, hairstyles, etc.) continues to be abused and devalued.

Misogynoir Monday

Misogynoir is a term used to describe the unique oppression experienced by Black women. Anti-blackness and misogyny are both global phenomenon, and as such any race or gender may perpetuate misogynoir. However, the term is only appropriate to describe the oppression experienced by Black women.

Social Justice 101

Tomorrow begins Equality for HER’s week of Social Justice 101. Social Justice challenges the unjust distribution of wealth, humanity, opportunities and privileges within society while valuing the diversity of those who comprise society.

Femme Founders: Danielle Bahi, Bahi Cosmetics

Danielle Bahi is a professional makeup artist, and the Femme Founder of @BahiCosmetics, an all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, Black woman owned cosmetic line. Bahi is realizing her dream of using the Afro-Caribbean herbalist tradition to create a high-quality, modern cosmetics line that works for all women of color.