Social Justice 101

Social Justice 101
Photo from the Suspect Vague Protest at LSU organized by Zandashé Brown and Blair Imani in 2015

Photo from the Suspect Vague Protest at LSU organized by Zandashé Brown and Blair Imani in 2015

Tomorrow begins Equality for HER’s week of Social Justice 101. Social Justice challenges the unjust distribution of wealth, humanity, opportunities and privileges within society while valuing the diversity of those who comprise society.

“When I started engaging in community activism and grassroots organizing I felt intimated by the amount of words and acronyms I had never heard before. When I was accused of cultural appropriation I simply apologized for fear of being perceived as a “bad activist.” I had no idea what cultural appropriation was or why wearing cornrows justified that accusation. Years after that moment I know that as a Black femme, the notion that I was culturally appropriating elements of my own Black culture is inherently flawed. Years after that encounter I know that I was being subjected to whitesplaining but unfortunately I was not privy to the language that is used in social justice circles. I hope that by dedicating a week to Social Justice 101, emerging community organizers can benefit from resources that I did not have.”

- Blair Imani, Founder and Executive Director of Equality for HER

Stay tuned to the Equality for HER blog for this week’s schedule.

  • Misogynoir Monday
  • ‘Splaining Tuesday
  • New Word Wednesday
  • Thursday: The Good, The Bad, The Well-Intentioned: Allies
  • Friday: Decolonizing Social Justice

Blair Imani's commitment to social justice fuels her passion to create research-based, accessible, and intersectional educational content through Equality for HER.  As founder and Executive Director of Equality for HER, Blair Imani led the development and growth of a myriad of programs including the Equality for HER Internship Program, and Youth Ambassador Program.