Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Mission of Equality for HER?

Equality for HER was originally founded as an educational resource. During the time period between 2014 and mid 2015, Equality for HER's primary purpose was creating research based web modules and trainings about interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and HIV/AIDS prevention. Since 2015, we have reoriented our mission and are now focused on being a platform to uplift the voices of all individuals who identify as feminine or as being on the femme spectrum.

What does HER stand for?

The full name of Equality for HER is Equality for Health, Education, and Rights. Feel free to refer to the organization as HER, Equality for HER, or Equality for Health, Education and Rights. 

What is the femme spectrum?

A "femme" is anyone who self-identifies with a feminine identity. The term allows us to avoid participating in exclusionary discussions about feminism. In 2014, Equality for HER was branded as a "women's empowerment" organization. Thanks to valuable feedback from contributors and readers our team decided to expand our language to include all gender identities. Moving forward we use the term femme to fight for the health, education, and rights of all feminine people whether they are transwomen, non-binary, or ciswomen. 

How can I get involved?

Send an email to Glendon Francis: for general inquiries.

Do you have employees?

No, Equality for HER is 100% volunteer-led.