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Our mission is to provide free educational resources about issues affecting women and gender nonbinary individuals.

OUR History

In January 2014, Blair Imani founded Equality for HER while attending Louisiana State University. One month later with a team of just three people, Equality for HER launched a storytelling platform to generate awareness and foster understanding about underrepresented groups by centering their voices. The blog used first hand narratives, research, and vivid illustrations to communicate complex concepts.

Within one year, Equality for HER established partnerships with organisations in the United States, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom and the organization became well known for its innovative Women's History Month programming.

By 2017, contributors from around the world were submitting their personal narratives for publishing on the Equality for HER blog. As Equality for HER gained popularity for it's unique content, founder Blair Imani launched the Equality for HER Internship Program, an 8 week online program that focuses on both personal and professional skill development.

In 2017, Equality for HER announced the end of its storytelling platform to focus on providing free and accessible resources about subject matter like interpersonal violence, gender diversity, sexual assault, and more.

Starting in 2018, the Equality for HER Hub will provide free educational materials such as presentations, online modules, lesson plans, and more. Each month the Hub will launch an educational toolkit on a new subject.