Blair Imani

Blair Imani is a Black American Muslim activist living in Brooklyn, NY. Blair founded Equality for HER in 2014 and has since served as the organization's Executive Director of Equality for HER. In her role, Imani manages Equality for HER's team and leads the Equality for HER Internship Program which officially launched in April 2017.

Blair Imani's activism has been featured by VICE, Refinery29, NYLON, and The 405. Imani has appeared on MSNBC's The Point hosted by Ari Melber. Imani spoke at Harvard University for the inaugural National Muslim Women's Leadership conference and at the Harvard Kennedy School's 2017 Black Policy Conference.

Blair Imani is a recognized authority on diversity and inclusion. She is dedicated to redefining womanhood and honoring the humanity of all people. 


Lori Ro

Lori Ro is the Global Communications Director for Equality for HER. Lori is leading Equality for HER's Youth Leadership Initiative and produces the Educational Video Series. Lori's work focuses on accessibility and uplifting emerging content creators.

Before working with Equality for HER, Lori served as the Media Coordinator with Planned Parenthood's national office. As Media Coordinator, Lori provided translation and transcreation services to the department of Constituency Communications and managed daily media monitoring for the Communications Department. Lori has also served as a Communications Associate with Basic Rights Oregon. 

Lori is an expert in content production, media analysis, and organizing within the field of reproductive health, labor rights, and community organizing. Lori is passionate about the rights of LGBTQ and immigrant communities.


Glendon Francis

Glendon Francis is the Editorial Director of Equality for HER and maintains the content on the organization's media platform. Francis is based in Atlanta, GA. He enjoys amplifying silenced marginalized voices, scouting for passionate queer and femme creatives, critiquing current pop culture fiascos and writing about prevalent social issues. 

Glendon is an Antigua and Barbuda native and the first of his four siblings to receive a tertiary education. From an early age he developed the love for literature and is heavily inspired by phenomenal writers and authors like Langston Hughes and Audre Lorde. Glendon is a LGBTQ rights activist and uses his voice to combat stigmas and violent notions. 


Ammarah Rehman

Ammarah Rehman is an Associate Editor for Equality for HER. Ammarah is also a student at American University in Washington, DC. Ammarah's mission is to humanize people who practice Islam and mitigate the scourge of Islamophobia and bigotry with which the world is afflicted. 

Ammarah was born and raised in Boston, MA and has family roots in Karachi, Pakistan. 

She is also the founder of The Muslim Project, an online platform highlighting Muslims from an array of backgrounds in order to fight Islamophobia and the negative stigma around Islam.